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What Is Search Engine Placement?

Search PlacementImagine the Internet as a large Superstore with aisles as far as the eye can see. You are a business owner that has a product or service that you want to have premium placement for so that the shopper can see it at eye level. Each aisle in this Superstore is clearly marked with the particular type of products or services that the shopper is looking for. Of course, there is stiff competition. Would you rather have your product or services displayed at eye level so that a shopper buys it or have it placed way down on the lower shelves where it hard to see? If so, will shoppers reach down or even see your product or service or will they choose the product or service that is in plain view?

Search Engine Placement on the Internet is like guaranteeing that not only will your product or service be seen, but it will always be one of the first ones that customers see. Companies that sell products in a Superstore pay thousands of dollars for this sort of product placement. With our dynamic search engine placement, you can achieve the same results at a fraction of the cost. Guaranteed On Top can work with you to improve search engine rankings through sponsored links that show consistently more clicks than organic first page search results.

Many of Guaranteed On Top clients have worked with other companies that claim to deliver consistent sponsored placement but inevitably fail to do so. Most of these companies utilize pay-per-click techniques that are nothing more than PPC account management. PPC can be effective to a point, however, once your daily budget dollars run out, your listing disappears and your ad is no longer visible. In addition, with Guaranteed On Top live sponsored coverage, there can never be click fraud by anyone including competitors that click your ad because of our unlimited clicks, non pay-per-click coverage. With Guaranteed On Top, there is no daily budget to be concerned with, and you secure a flat rate with unlimited clicks guarantee!

Guaranteed Unlimited Click Placement

Guaranteed On Top offers two types of guaranteed unlimited click placement. You can secure sponsored placement on GOOGLE, YAHOO! and MSN/bing for any national keyword phrase that will be seen in all 50 states of the US and all provinces of Canada or you can secure placement for any keyword phrase in a specific city or state in the sponsored positions of Google in the US only. There are no cost surprises as you always know what your monthly cost is and you have the piece of mind that your website is live in the sponsored position capturing the majority of clicks in the worlds major search engines!

Guaranteed On Top does all the work with our guaranteed flat monthly fee per keyword package pricing and the price is guaranteed not to change for one year. You secure sponsored placement with unlimited clicks in GOOGLE, YAHOO! and MSN/bing!

Geared by relevant keyword phrases, Guaranteed On Top professionals can effectively work with you to drive targeted customers that are looking for your business. The billing for the service is month to month, the keyword package price is guaranteed not to change for one year. We require a minimum 90 day or 3 monthly billing cycle commitment. However, the flat rate price is guaranteed not to change for one year. Your most important benefit with Guaranteed On Top is that your website becomes a Dynamic Profit Center!

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